Learn How 360 Spherical can change markets

Endless Possibilities

The 360 spherical technology use cases for business are extremely numerous and impactful. Scroll on for some of the markets that are already investigating this technology for innovation or get in touch with us.

Industrial Applications

We work with electric utilities, transit operators and other large enterprises to enhance maintenance strategies and improve efficiencies as part of a complete asset management plan. Your assets can be visualized in any location, from every angle.

Entertainment Media

Back stage access, never before seen footage, a new perspective… We’re helping to revolutionize the entertainment industry by enabling the evolution of content capturing and sharing.

Sports Media

Sports broadcasting has reached new heights in televised and digital media consumption. Bubl enables the creation and distribution of unique content for web and mobile apps to engage athletes and fans everywhere.

Real Estate Applications

We provide an easy to use and affordable solution for capturing fully 360 spherical photos and videos that can be used for virtually guided tours. This new perspective gives the viewer first hand experience of any interior or exterior space before even visiting the property.

Educational Value

There is no supplement for life experience, but utilizing immersive technology to educate students of all ages creates a new form of learning that was never possible before.

Security Solutions

Total situational awareness; the next best thing to being in the middle of the scene itself, offering a full spherical view with no blind spots.

Immersive Shopping Experience

Bring the in-store experience to the customer. Allow them to explore retail locations and merchandise from absolutely anywhere.

Tourism and Travel

Adventure to brand new destinations using the power of the Bublcam. Create virtual tours and captivating 360 experiences to truly ignite the travel bug.

Social Media

Capture your brand's moments in 360° and inspire your followers on Youtube, Facebook, WeChat and more. #spherical #awesome

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