Facebook just announced that it has launched its highly anticipated spherical media player with select content contributors. Over the coming weeks they will be rolling out support of spherical media for all users.

This is a huge step towards making spherical technology and immersive experiences mainstream for consumers especially following YouTube’s announcement of support earlier this year.

We believe that there is a bright future for spherical media and are so excited to be a part of this revolution! The Bublcam makes the creation of this type of content possible for anyone because of its simple, end to end workflow.

At Bubl we are committed to supporting all spherical media platforms so our customers have the flexibility they need when it comes to sharing content. We will continue to improve our technology and adapt to major announcements like this one.

Content from the Bublcam is already compatible on Facebook and we encourage our users to begin uploading videos they would like to share with the community!

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You can purchase a Bublcam through our website. Our next production round begins shipping on December 15, 2015.



We recently had the opportunity to work with Ryan J. Rizzo, CEO of Poesis Media who took the DJI Phantom II drone out for a flight with the Bublcam. We launched from the 11th floor of the Tiff building to take a look at downtown Toronto.  We were forced to improvise a gimbal for the Bublcam’s ¼”20 tripod mount, but we succeeded.



The idea of capturing 360º or spherical drone content isn’t new, but it is still somewhat absent. With the introduction of technologies like the Bublcam, we hope to see an increase in spherical and VR based media captured from above.


By partnering with drone manufacturers like DreamQii for their Plexidrone Indiegogo campaign, we also got to learn a lot about the opportunities this type of content could create. We also spoke recently with Neil Mathew from Perceptiv Labs on how the Bublcam may provide new outlets for VR content captured from drones. He says,


“I think VR and drones are like two pieces of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. The ability to transport yourself to an entirely different location with a drone is incredibly exciting to me. For example, I can wear my VR glasses and fly over the grand canyon anytime I want. I'm not just talking about passively consuming content. I'm talking about the ability to have a sort of “out-of-body” experience moving through the world around us in a way we've never been able to before.”


What the Bublcam provides is one of the fastest drone based media capture workflows out there. It allows people to create content and share it with ease without the need to find the most compelling content over and over as is needed with single view cameras. While you need to get the right gimbal for your drone first, we’ll take care of the rest.

the Bubl team.

Here at Bubl we are most excited about getting the Bublcam into the hands of our community members. This is because, most importantly, we know that it will be our customers who will help us to understand the true extent of the applications of spherical media!


One Bubl employee, firmware engineer Ed Shen, took home a Bublcam recently for the weekend. He brought it along to a personal training session at a local community centre with his boxing coach. When he brought back a bubl video the results were inspiring, check this out:



How amazing is the idea of a personal training video in virtual reality?! Practice from the comfort of your home, box without the risk of ever getting hit! Looks like we weren’t the only ones with this idea as we found an article on BBC on this very topic.


Technologies such as ours at Bubl Tech, the MYO armband by Thalmic, headset providers like Oculus Rift and others, lead us to believe that the world of physical fitness will be brought to an entirely new virtual level in the very near future.


Other news sites like NY Times have also brought attention to the use of technology in fitness comparing fitness apps and personal trainers. In the end the journalist actually chose the mobile app over the personal trainer because of the convenience and accessibility for her day to day life. It seems only logical that VR content will be incorporated into fitness applications like FitStar to add the personal touch and sensation of one on one attention from a trainer, even if virtual.


If you have a VR headset try out the shadow boxing video from Huron Park Recreation Centre with coach Alan Jamil.


What are some other fitness applications you could imagine using VR as the display medium?

One of the exciting announcements made this week at CES 2015 was YouTube’s soon to be support of 360-degree enabled content. Considering Google’s Street View technology already supports this feature, it does not come as a surprise that Google would roll this out with their video player, YouTube.

The important thing to know is what device(s) will enable you to upload your 360-degree (or in our case, spherical) content to take advantage of this new feature?

Bubl Technology Inc. has already been collaborating with Google to allow anyone to create their own Street View by uploading photo spheres and sharing them on Google Maps and Google+.

We wanted to take this opportunity to confirm with you that any spherical content captured with the Bublcam will be viewable with Google products including YouTube when support is enabled.

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Gizmodo: YouTube Will Soon Support 360-Degree Video Uploads

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As the only fully spherical consumer camera in the world, the Bublcam is a device backed by the most forward-looking software in the industry to provide users with the ability to capture spherical photos and videos and share them with anyone, anywhere.

“Since its incarnation, the camera has been a pivotal tool to help people capture moments and tell stories,” said Sean Ramsay, CEO of Bubl. “Bublcam takes digital storytelling to the next level with zero blind spots and a fully spherical experience. More than just a camera that shoots on a horizontal plane, Bublcam enables consumers to pan anywhere in a given shot and then incorporates an online sharing feature to stream or upload content directly from the device.”

Bubl’s current collaboration with Google allows anyone with a Bublcam to upload spherical photos directly to Google Maps, StreetView and Google+. With features including real-time image stitching, self-calibration and image stabilization, a four-camera, tetrahedral design for zero blind spots and live video streaming, the Bublcam changes the way consumers capture moments and share their experiences.

The camera also features professional controls, including HDR, white balance, contrast and gamma, all in a device the size of a baseball. By utilizing the Bubl API & SDK, others can create software applications that can fully control the Bublcam and develop features on top of the current app to enable more forward-looking features like facial and image recognition, interactive touch points, motion tracking, cloud-based storage connectivity and integration to other virtual reality devices.

Bubl’s software applications will allow for iOS, Android, Oculus VR, Windows 8 (Xbox One), Chromecast, PS4 Amazon Fire and Avegant integration. The company’s goal is to allow for the consumption of spherical or 360-degree content across every major digital platform and device.

About Bubl
Bubl provides hardware and software technology solutions for the advancement of spherical content creation. The Bublcam is the world’s first fully spherical camera available to everyone, providing users with the ability to capture spherical photos and videos and share them with anyone, anywhere. Portable and lightweight the Bublcam can go anywhere and uses Wi-Fi to allow you to live stream directly to your mobile device.