Hi everyone,


Welcome to the 50th update to our Kickstarter community. Here is the most recent news from our Bubl.


Shipping Complete!


This has been a very special week for us here at Bubl as you may have seen the press release regarding shipments. While we are still working out final logistics with a few backers and pre-order customers we are happy to communicate that we have officially shipped all Bublcams from this manufacturing round.


Bubl Product Prototyping… Underwater


One topic that has already been posted in the Community section of our Support Centre that we are taking action on, are waterproof housings for the Bublcam. Our firmware engineer, Ed Shen tested out a prototype while on his travels to Hawaii. We’re still early in prototyping possible housings, but the Bublcam performed really well on this journey! Head over to our Xplor app to experience the full bubl.


The Community section of our Support Centre is a place we encourage you to post feedback and product suggestions to help us build our roadmap. We will continue to use this Community topic thread to update you on progress with our prototyping efforts so follow the topic if you’d like to stay in the loop.


Android Update


This week a new update to our Android app was released. We hope that you will test it and let us know if you see improvements, particularly concerning the advancements made to wifi connectivity to improve stability between device and the Bublcam. Your feedback is important to us so get in touch with your Bublcam Assistant, let us know in Slack or in the Community.


VRLA Summer Expo


Sean will be speaking on a panel alongside Jaunt VR, Google and GoPro at the upcoming VRLA Summer Expo. We’re excited to contribute our views on VR and particularly on making this technology available at the consumer level on this panel. We hope you’ll be there and if you are be sure to say what’s up to Sean and let him know your thoughts on the rapid growth of VR!


Thanks everyone, as always don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding your Bublcam.

Today we are excited to share the details of a major improvement that has been made to the Bublcam. We’ve been hard at work making adjustments to various aspects of the Bublcam including hardware and workflow, to improve your experience and spherical media capture results. Many of you are aware that the calibration and stitching together of images is one of the most challenging aspects in the creation of spherical media.

You may remember the video we shared on Kickstarter in update #35 when we walked you through our process of auto-calibration of the Bublcam. This process has been completely redone and we are ecstatic to share the implications for you.

The out of the box experience has been vastly improved because we’ve completely removed the need for you to calibrate your Bublcam! You will simply need to turn it on and, thanks to adjustments to the design and assembly process, begin capturing. The Bublcam is now in constant communication with the software and apps so that as you continue to upload images to the cloud, the quality of the lens alignment and stitch will improve.

In some cases, the possibility still exists that your stitch will not come out perfect. If this were to happen we’ve implemented a new feature within the mobile application that allows you to realign your lenses if you ever do feel that you are seeing imperfections in your bubls.

Here’s a quick demo of the image realignment workflow within the app:

You’ll notice the realigning takes about 1 minute.

So yes, we think this is magical and we can’t wait for you to share your experience on how well this works for you when you have your Bublcam.

Hi everyone,

As you know the road to shipping has been a long one, filled with discoveries and unexpected turns of events. Slowly we are getting closer and closer to a complete and revolutionary product.

We are looking forward to getting you your Bublcams and are still planning to begin sending batch shipments out near the end of June. You will be the first “beta” testers of this revolutionary camera and we are looking forward to getting into feedback collection mode soon of what is primarily the Bubl Developer Kit. When we are given details from the manufacturer regarding the shipments schedule we’ll pass that on to you so please stay tuned for more details on this.

At this time we are actively finalizing manufacturing details before we go to China to monitor the assembly line. We’re working hard on getting image focus and quality from a lens perspective to be more consistent. A few different solutions have been implemented to help with this. We’ve also finalized materials for the manufacturing design including new matte panels and a new bubl button. We’ve built some  in house to ensure it’s everything we would all want and here’s a picture of what you’ll be receiving:

#NoFilter, it is a thing of beauty

Further, we have submitted our mobile app update to the stores. Once approved this update to your existing Xplor mobile application will incorporate Bublcam remote control and media management all within one app.

We are in the process of creating a very important demo for you on a critical new element that has been incorporated in the Bublcam and will have that ready by next week. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us!


We recently posted to our blog about the role of spherical media in broadcasting. Hope you had a chance to check that out and if not, here’s the link.

In our last update we mentioned we had submitted our Bubl Xplor App for approval and we’re now happy to announce its availability in the app stores!

Bubl Xplor App: Download on Android or iOS.

This build gives you access to a stream of curated editorial content including spherical images and videos we call bubls, from the Bubl team. You’re able to view bubls using touch, gyroscope or VR mode and toggle simply between these views by tapping the view icon in the bottom left corner of the screen in the media player:

Launched on mobile in the Xplor app is 3AM, an experimental style piece from Ian Tuason of DimensionGate Studio that looks at the potential for horror based VR video. The 3AM video was also launched on YouTube 360 and was picked up on social channels from Ashton Kutcher and Lil Wayne.

Even as you read this, we are still working on improving the Bublcam and mobile app in order to improve capture. We are aware of discussions in the community regarding the challenges associated with achieving consistent colour and clear detail in spherical media. We are testing with the Bublcam everyday in an effort to improve this and provide you with the appropriate settings to capture the best possible media. Remember to continually visit your Xplor app on your mobile device or online for the latest content from the Bubl team.

We hope you are getting excited about receiving your Bublcams, we are definitely getting excited about being able to ship them.

Some very important updates are coming your way in the next few weeks so until then thanks so much for staying with us and being a part of our community and we hope you enjoy xploring the beginnings of our world of bubls.