Understanding Spherical Video Capture with the Bublcam

The Bublcam features active exposure adjustment across lenses. The goal of the balanced exposure method across lenses is to provide you with an even colouration in your bubl video. Just as you see the lighting adapt in standard video capture when there is movement and change in the lighting of the scene, you also see the exposure adjust in a spherical video. The difference is that with the Bublcam and other spherical capture devices, there are multiple lenses that capture different scenes with each of the different lenses. This makes the exposure adjustments more obvious during playback.

Many of our users will identify right away with this if they’ve ever tried to capture a bubl video. At times it may appear as though you see an inconsistent colour produced by one of the four lenses for a period of time in your bubl video. This is impacted by variable lighting across lenses.

If the change in lighting is extreme, the exposure adjustment will be more obvious. Here are some examples:

Extreme adjustment example outdoors:

Outdoor car video moderate adjustment:

Kayaking video consistent lighting:



Indoor consistent lighting: 

Please see Automatic Balanced Exposure for more information on this topic and strategies for post-production of your video footage if you experience inconsistent lighting in your video output.

Take a look and let us know if you use this method or another to produce an amazing bubl video. Don’t forget to share your bubl videos with us!

Joanna Taccone
Joanna Taccone


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