Bubl Recognized as one of the Top 10 Up-and-Coming Technology Companies



Bubl, a leading technology firm based in Toronto, was recognized at the 4th annual Vision to Reality Awards event held by PWC Canada.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB), Thursday November 6, 2014 – Bubl awarded as one of the Top 10 Up-and-Coming Technology Companies.

The 4th annual Vision to Reality Awards were held by PWC Canada on Thursday November 6th, 2014. The Vision to Reality program celebrates dynamic start-up companies that have demonstrated notable growth and hit impressive benchmarks, making them Canadian companies to watch.

The elite group of press, industry enthusiasts and finalists gathered over dinner with Guest Speaker, Michael Hyatt, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Bluecat Networks.

Bubl was selected from a list of 20 finalists ranging from mobile application and communications developers, to wearable tech designers, cloud service developers and more. All respected leaders in their area of expertise.
This award comes at a great time for the company. Its invention, the Bublcam, a 360⁰ panoramic camera that comes with a proprietary software, is just about ready to hit the market.

“It has been a great year for the Bublcam. We are excited to be a part of this select group of Canadian technology innovators.”

- Sean Ramsay, CEO, Bubl Technology

About Bubl: Bubl developed the first market ready spherical camera, the Bublcam, which captures 100% of the spherical range through photos and videos. The camera sells with a proprietary Bubl software that allows users to look up, down and in every direction to fully interact with the content they and others have created.

Joanna Taccone
Marketing Communications Manager, Bubl Technology Inc.

Joanna Taccone
Joanna Taccone


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