Bublcam’s Spherical Content Compatible with YouTube 360-degree Support

One of the exciting announcements made this week at CES 2015 was YouTube’s soon to be support of 360-degree enabled content. Considering Google’s Street View technology already supports this feature, it does not come as a surprise that Google would roll this out with their video player, YouTube.

The important thing to know is what device(s) will enable you to upload your 360-degree (or in our case, spherical) content to take advantage of this new feature?

Bubl Technology Inc. has already been collaborating with Google to allow anyone to create their own Street View by uploading photo spheres and sharing them on Google Maps and Google+.

We wanted to take this opportunity to confirm with you that any spherical content captured with the Bublcam will be viewable with Google products including YouTube when support is enabled.

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Joanna Taccone
Joanna Taccone


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