The next big thing in digital media broadcasting... Spherical

The broadcasting industry has more avenues today to build and communicate with viewers than ever before. Broadcasting is no longer just about the TV show or movie you’re watching on the big screen or in the comforts of home. It’s about the culture of engagement created around the content by media networks in the digital world. How can you extend the programming experience to viewers’ devices and social communities? To gain their loyalty and turn them into advocates?

We are starting to get a glimpse at the amazing work contributors are doing with this type of engaging content. MTV, for example has endless options for viewers to engage with them digitally. Tumblr,YouTube,Instagram and other accounts exploit digital to provide viewers with unlimited entertainment and clever ways to keep fans in the loop with what’s happening. Creation of this engagement content takes massive teams of bright minded and creative individuals who also need to consider what is new and hot in digital trends.

MTV shared one of our bubl videos converted to a gif on their Tumblr feed from the recent MTV Woodies Awards show.

Here is the gif file of the bubl from the awards show.

The more we speak to members of this vast industry the more we understand the place of spherical media in its realm. VR, 360-degree and spherical media have seen a huge amount of attention so far this year and are positioned to skyrocket in popularity throughout 2015. There is still a long road ahead but this will be an integral part of any digital strategy in the broadcasting world very soon.

Do you agree? What do you think about how spherical media fits into broadcasting?



Joanna Taccone
Joanna Taccone


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