Finalizing Manufacturing Details for Bublcam Production

Hi everyone,

As you know the road to shipping has been a long one, filled with discoveries and unexpected turns of events. Slowly we are getting closer and closer to a complete and revolutionary product.

We are looking forward to getting you your Bublcams and are still planning to begin sending batch shipments out near the end of June. You will be the first “beta” testers of this revolutionary camera and we are looking forward to getting into feedback collection mode soon of what is primarily the Bubl Developer Kit. When we are given details from the manufacturer regarding the shipments schedule we’ll pass that on to you so please stay tuned for more details on this.

At this time we are actively finalizing manufacturing details before we go to China to monitor the assembly line. We’re working hard on getting image focus and quality from a lens perspective to be more consistent. A few different solutions have been implemented to help with this. We’ve also finalized materials for the manufacturing design including new matte panels and a new bubl button. We’ve built some  in house to ensure it’s everything we would all want and here’s a picture of what you’ll be receiving:

#NoFilter, it is a thing of beauty

Further, we have submitted our mobile app update to the stores. Once approved this update to your existing Xplor mobile application will incorporate Bublcam remote control and media management all within one app.

We are in the process of creating a very important demo for you on a critical new element that has been incorporated in the Bublcam and will have that ready by next week. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us!


Joanna Taccone
Joanna Taccone


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