Magical Calibration

Today we are excited to share the details of a major improvement that has been made to the Bublcam. We’ve been hard at work making adjustments to various aspects of the Bublcam including hardware and workflow, to improve your experience and spherical media capture results. Many of you are aware that the calibration and stitching together of images is one of the most challenging aspects in the creation of spherical media.

You may remember the video we shared on Kickstarter in update #35 when we walked you through our process of auto-calibration of the Bublcam. This process has been completely redone and we are ecstatic to share the implications for you.

The out of the box experience has been vastly improved because we’ve completely removed the need for you to calibrate your Bublcam! You will simply need to turn it on and, thanks to adjustments to the design and assembly process, begin capturing. The Bublcam is now in constant communication with the software and apps so that as you continue to upload images to the cloud, the quality of the lens alignment and stitch will improve.

In some cases, the possibility still exists that your stitch will not come out perfect. If this were to happen we’ve implemented a new feature within the mobile application that allows you to realign your lenses if you ever do feel that you are seeing imperfections in your bubls.

Here’s a quick demo of the image realignment workflow within the app:

You’ll notice the realigning takes about 1 minute.

So yes, we think this is magical and we can’t wait for you to share your experience on how well this works for you when you have your Bublcam.

Joanna Taccone
Joanna Taccone


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