Experience true sphericaL technology

The Bublcam

The Bublcam lets you see the world from every angle. The first camera of its kind, it allows you to capture spherical photos and videos that we call bubls.

Our end to end

spherical technology

solutions include:

  • The Bublcam
  • Real-Time Image Stitching Software
  • Bubl Xplor App (mobile application) - capture, upload, view and share bubls
  • Bubl Cloud (web application) - upload, view and share bubls

Bubl Mobile

and Virtual Reality

Download our mobile application for iOS or Android. The Bubl Xplor app features a stream of bubls for your viewing pleasure. You can Xplor using touch, gyroscope or VR!

Experience bubls in virtual reality by inserting your mobile device into a VR headset. Put it on and look up, down, and all around to immerse yourself in the bubl.

we are changing

industry standards

The applications are endless. Learn more about how you can use

spherical technology to benefit your business.

View bubl snapshots

and share your own!